Reduces oxidative stress by 40% and slows down the cell-aging process. At the heart of the aging process are free radicals, molecules that continually attack our cells and create terrible damage within our tissues and organs as we age. There is now a way to safeguard against this aging process. Protandim is a patented, breakthrough supplement that reduces cellular aging from the inside out. Protandim is a unique combination of five herbs (ashwagandha, milk thistle, bacopa, green tea extract, and turmeric), providing 1500% greater synergy working in tandem than what they can achieve on their own. The unique combination and dosage of these 5 herbs reduces oxidative stress (cell damage caused by free radicals) by an average of 40% within the first 30 days. Protandim, “the Nrf2 synergizer,” reduces oxidative stress by activating your Nfr2 protein. This protein enters the nucleus of every cell and turns on your body’s protective genes that help eliminate free radicals and normalize the levels of your body’s cells. As the body produces more antioxidant enzymes, the immune system becomes stronger and healthier. Protandim is the only supplement that has been clinically and scientifically proven to minimize factors that can cause aging. (Search for “Oxidative Stress” and/or “Protandim” for scientific, peer-reviewed studies on diseases linked to oxidative stress and the studies specifically on the benefits of Protandim).


Calendula Gel

Made from the marigold flower, this gel has anti-inflammatory properties and is used to heal various skin problems and injuries. Reduces the redness and swelling of acne, and is applied to cuts and abrasions to promote healing and prevent scarring. Minimizes sunburn pain, and relieves itching.


Detox Kit

This gentle, homeopathic formula eliminates toxins and stimulates the cleansing process. Eliminating toxins from your body helps relieve fatigue, allows your body to absorb nutrients more efficiently, and strengthens the immune system. This kit treats the liver, kidneys and lymph system, three of the main cleansing organs. You may feel "lighter" and have more energy after use. Sleep and concentration improve.


Colloidal Chromium Mist 2 oz.

Helps adult onset diabetics (Type 2) and those suffering from other insulin response disorders such as acne, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, elevated blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and fibromyalgia syndrome.


Colloidal Gold 2 oz

Increases energy and mental focus, and calms mental stress. Helps with neurological diseases, tumors, and rheumatoid arthritis.


Traumeel Drops /Topical/Tablets

Made from 14 natural ingredients, including Arnica, Traumeel is used for the temporary relief of pain associated with sports injuries, sprains, backaches, muscle aches, joint pain, and bruises. Anti-inflammatory and homeopathic.

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Colloidal Silver

Clear Colloidal Silver is an amazing natural alternative to antibiotics, and is used as an effective remedy for a variety of bacterial ailments. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic, and is used for colds, flu, sinus infections, sore throats, pink eye, acne, boils, cuts, burns, nail fungus, canker sore, warts, and more.

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"Medicine is not a science but an art, and the true physician is nothing more than a skillful artist." German Physician Heinrich Lahmann (as quoted in Facts about Neural Therapy According to Huneke by Peter Dosch)

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