During COVID-19 everything is changing quickly. Guidelines, regulations & recommendations are still changing on a daily basis. I am keeping up with the government-dictated requirements with your health and safety in mind. My office is open with special attention to these regulations.


• Appointments are spaced far enough apart that you won't be in the office at the same time as any other patients. (If you arrive more than 15 minutes early for your appointment, text or call to make sure the treatment room is cleaned and clear, 334-3347).

• There are mandates dictating extra cleaning procedures. I am following these directions. I have a checklist in the office that you are welcome to see upon request.

• Face masks were mandated by Governor Polis as of July 17th. Please wear a mask while "inside public indoor spaces (likes stores and businesses) unless you have a medical condition preventing mask use."

Obviously, your health and safety are paramount. I recognize that these past months have been a strain on many - mentally, emotionally, and physically. We'll address all of that in your treatment as you'd like.

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