Dr. Amy is now practicing in Colorado!


The move to the Rocky Mountains has been phenomenal. My family and I absolutely love it here. The weather, the views, the great outdoors - all so grand!

We bought a small slice of heaven and are in the midst of completing our home build. My husband and I are doing a lot of the work ourselves (building our kitchen cabinets, milling and laying oak hardwood floors from old, reclaimed barn wood, and putting up our deck to name a few projects). The list goes on and on. And on. While we are completing the bulk of the work, I am working part time in Falcon. I will move to full time again as our home build completes.

Please give me a call with any questions and to find out how Acupuncture & Neural Therapy can benefit you!




"Medicine is not a science but an art, and the true physician is nothing more than a skillful artist." German Physician Heinrich Lahmann (as quoted in Facts about Neural Therapy According to Huneke by Peter Dosch)


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